Noon Cup – The name-reference to Non (pronounced nôn), and older term for a meal eaten around 3pm. Derived from Latin “nona” which means the ninth time of the day. The same word is in English form “dinner”. Noon is made of cast stoneware. It is glazed on the inside and has an unglazed outside. The tactile surface and shape of the Noon Cup, makes it pleasant to hold in the hand. The cup can be washed in a dishwasher. For press material, please press here.

Dimensions Noon Cup: Ø 81 mm H 87 mm / Material: Stoneware

Dimension Noon Plate: Ø 230 H 230 mm / Material: Stoneware

Photo credits : Bjørn Johan Stenersen / Styling : Hege Barnholt @nyanserno